Typical Application Rates

Gravity Feed Silicone Damp-Course
TYPE OF WALL Total litres of damp proofing liquid per metre of wall
single leaf brick wall, approx 100mm thick (exposed bricks, cement blocks etc) 2
single leaf brick wall, with plaster, approx 125mm to 150mm thick 3
double brick cavity wall (apply sufficient liquid for both brick skins plus extra to damp-proof the debris in the cavity)

 6 to 7
solid wall 150mm thick (Mt Gambier stone, cement block, etc) 3
hollow besser block wall 200mm thick (apply approx 0.6 litres into each cell) 3
solid wall 200mm to 250mm thick (solid brick or cement block, rubble walls etc) 4 to 5
solid wall 300mm to 350mm thick (solid stone, rubble or brick walls) 7 to 8
solid wall 450mm to 500mm thick (solid stone, rubble or brick walls) 10 to 12


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