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"Salt-damp" describes damage in buildings caused by rising damp and salt attack. We can help you stop the cause of the problem and to restore the masonry. See video demonstrations.

Phone Gordon 0403 660 573 for sales or a quote.

DIY silicone damp-course materials

carbide masonry drill bits

Free delivery DIY materials Adelaide suburbs


Stone house

Silicone damp-course

Repairs and replastering

DIY kits, masonry drill bits and trade sales


We can negotiate to do site work for salt damp treatment in the Adelaide suburbs and South Australian country areas. DIY materials can be freighted to anywhere. Telephone sales only.

We will mail printed pamphlets, you can order materials, or if you have comments or questions, please contact us:


Builders Licence BLD 201 722

Gordon Building Services ABN 848 568 719 54

PO Box 252, Unley SA 5061

Phone Gordon 0403 660 573

telephone sales only - free delivery DIY materials Adelaide suburbs




SALT DAMP SHOP, Adelaide, South Australia

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